Teotihuacan Mexican Art
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Teotihuacan Mexican Art

Teotihuacan Mexican Art
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Mexican Art
About This Vendor
The material used to make the art pieces by Teotihuacan Mexican Art is mostly an obsidian stone base. The stones are obtained from the mines located in Teotihuacan, Mexico. They work mainly with black and golden obsidian stone. The pieces can be made solely of obsidian or obsidian inlaid with several semi-precious stones such as venturina of different colors, lapis lazuli, abalone Shell, opaline, sodalite, tiger’s eye, malachite, and sometimes jade is also used.
The elaboration process is done 100% by hand, the first step is obtaining the obsidian stone in a single piece, after a figure or shape is carved into the stone, if the sculpture is inlaid then the semi-precious stones are placed and afterwards the entire piece is polished if the sculpture is not inlaid, it is polished immediately after carving. Our designs are based on representative figures of the region, (Aztec culture, gods and monuments) however, any custom piece can be created upon request.