GREEN LEAF BREWING - Lonsdale Quay Market
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Green Leaf Brewery, Meet the Merchant

We are so excited to share our latest blog feature, in honour of North Vancouver’s Craft Beer Week: Green Leaf Brewery! Located right on the Waterfront Plaza of Lonsdale Quay Market, this incredible brewery is a must-go-to place on the North Shore!

With the explosion of the craft beer market, Martin and Amir the amazing duo behind Green Leaf felt inspired to bring a brewery like this to the North Shore, thus making Green Leaf one of the first craft breweries in North Vancouver.

Since opening in 2013, GLB remains a highly popular spot for people to gather and enjoy a variety of original craft beers and rotating seasonal features. If beer isn’t your go-to, then you should definitely check out their kombucha or ginger ale.

Green Leaf also does their very best to locally source their ingredients. This is seen in their choice of fresh fruit or tea for their kombuchas from the Quay shops.

Currently, Green Leaf exclusively sells their products at their own brewery to ensure that their small batches are the freshest. This means, if you want a Green Leaf craft beer, you can only get it at their brewery.

They pride themselves in being a business dedicated to building a community through the Quay and the hugely growing Lower Lonsdale neighbourhood. As a result, GLB fully encourages customers to bring in food from other vendors inside the Quay and there are tons of great choices that will compliment the amazing beverages at Green Leaf!

Speaking of amazing beverages, this is your chance to enter our contest to win a drink of your choice from Green Leaf Brewery for you and a friend!! To enter, please email with the secret code: ‘pale ale please’. Winners will be notified via email. Good luck!

When you’re down at the Market next, don’t forget to stop by and say hi to Amir, Martin and the fantastic Green Leaf team and grab yourself a delicious beer or kombucha!

*Please note*: During these unprecedented times, we thought it was important to share how GLB is safely serving customers. Firstly, before entering, please stand by the wait to be seated sign at the entrance to allow for safe seating of each group by their servers. Secondly, their lounge and patio space are fully open! There is 2-meter spacing between tables to ensure social distancing is possible with a maximum of 6 customers per table. Your cooperation and patience are greatly appreciated during these times!