Five Places in the Market to Warm Up with a Hot Drink
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Five Places in the Market to Warm Up with a Hot Drink

Five Places in the Market to Warm Up with a Hot Drink

The cold, gray weather of early winter makes a lot of people want to stay indoors during this time of year. Here at the Market you can beat the chill of the season by warming up with a hot drink!

Whether you like traditional hot chocolate, or tasty coffee and seasonal drinks like eggnog lattes, the Market has some great options when it comes grabbing a hot delicious drink to beat the cold.

Make sure to stop by these five places in the Market and buy a drink to warm up yourself up on a chilly day.

All Day Cafe

All Day CAfe

The All Day Cafe has been staple at the Market since 1989. Not only can you get great food for breakfast, but they also create some of the best drinks to warm you up on a cold day. All Day Cafe offers a selection of six kinds of drip coffee daily as well as lattes, mochas and their delicious chai tea latte. No matter what you feel like, they’re bound to have something you feel like!

Butter Lane Bake Shop


Butter Lane Bake Shop opened up in the Market this past summer. Not only are they a full service bake shop with cupcakes, croissants, macaroons, cookies and other tasty treats but they also serve hot drinks perfect for the chilly weather. You can grab a simple coffee like an americano, or is something sweeter is what you’re after they offer hot chocolate. If you like eggnog, don’t forget to grab one of their special Holiday Nog Lattes this winter!

Muffin Delight

Muffin Delight not only serves delicious muffins and cookies, but it’s also the perfect place to grab a hot cup of coffee or tea to go along with a treat. For just over two dollars you can grab a hot cup of coffee to warm you up on your Marketing shopping adventure. They also serve hot chocolate and London fogs.

Shipyards Coffee

Shipyards Coffee is the renamed Bean Around The World, but worry they still serve all your favourite drinks. If you’re feeling chilled and don’t know what to pick you’re sure to find a hot drink to warm up with. Shipyards Coffee has everything from tasty teas, drip coffees, lattes to London fogs and an amazing hot chocolate. You’ll want to warm up here with a drink and sit down on one of their comfy seats.

Cheshire Cheese Restaurant

The Cheshire Cheese Restaurant serves a wide variety of food and drink options, which now includes happy hour drinks! There’s nothing more perfect than having a warm drink while you wait for your equally as delicious food. The Cheshire Cheese Restaurant has a bunch of great warm drinks like teas and coffees. If you feel like adding a little kick to your coffee (and are of age) you can grab their Cheshire Coffee made with coffee, Baileys, Amaretto, Kahlua, Grand Marnier and topped off with some whipped cream.