Seven Places to Eat in the Market for Under $10
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Seven Places to Eat in the Market for Under $10


Seven Places to Eat in the Market for Under $10

Here at the Market we have tons of different kinds of food options, from pizza to sushi to soup, you’re bound to find something that you’ll like.

We’ve rounded up seven different places to eat at the Market for less than $10. This means delicious and wallet friendly prices for when you feel like not bringing lunch or dinner with you.

Akebono Sushi



If you’re looking for something filling and a bit healthier, then sushi is a great option that is full of omega-3’s and protein. Akebono Sushi serves up everything from dynamite rolls, spicy tuna rolls , california rolls and teriyaki chicken rolls to several kinds of vegetarian rolls so no matter what kind of sushi you like you’ll have your pick! You can even grab two rolls for less than ten dollars.

All Day Cafe



If you’re like us, you love having breakfast anytime of the day! At the All Day Cafe they serve breakfast all day which means you can grab a breakfast sandwich on a croissant,  toast and freshly made eggs, or if you’re feeling like something more filling you can get their Eggs Benedict for just under $9.00. All Day Cafe also serves sandwiches for less than $7.00, so not matter what you get you’ll be saving money while getting great tasting food!

Bowen Island Pizza Company



You’ll always find the Pear & Brie pizza in supply, despite Bowen Island Pizza Co.’s rotating menu. Here you can grab a quarter slice of pizza for $5.75 if it’s one with meat or $5.25 if it’s vegetarian.  Plus these slices will definitely fill you up!  Bowen Island offers meat, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options so you’ll definitely find something you’ll like here. The best part is they source locally grown produce so you’re sure to get the freshest pizza possible.

Cilantro & Jalapeno



If you enjoy Mexican food then you’ll like knowing that Cilantro & Jalapeno in the Market have a menu items that will run you less than ten dollars. For only 8.99 you can get your choice of tacos or enchiladas which comes with beans, rice, guacamole and salsa. You can also get a quesadilla made with chicken, beef, pastor, chorizo or grilled veggies that comes with several sides for just $9.99. They also have several hot sauce options available to try.

Seb’s Sandwich Shop



If a sandwich is your go to food for lunch, then Seb’s Sandwich Shop has you covered. You can grab their grilled cheese which is made up of a mixture of creamy Gouda, Gruyere and cheddar cheeses on crisp French sourdough. This sandwich will fill you up and only costs $9.00.

Sharky’s Chophouse



If you’re in the mood for something hearty and warm, Sharky’s Chophouse offers a meal deal for $9.95 that you can’t pass up. Not only do you get to choose one of several protein options but you also get two sides with this deal. You can enjoy your choice of top sirloin roast, chicken, pork, ham, sausages (not to mention all the other delicious meats they serve) and pair it with your choice of seasonal roast vegetables, mashed potatoes, perogies, salad and even pasta! It’s basically two meals in one.

The Soup Meister



Not only can you get hot soup from The Soup Meister but even the extra large size costs less than $9.00 dollars and comes with a tasty bun.  Talk about a steal! They serve up five freshly made soups per day and are famous for their clam chowders (both Boston and Manhattan). Don’t worry if they don’t have a soup you like, you can grab one from their refrigerator since they always keep different kinds stored.