5 Ways to Practice Personal Wellness at the Market - Lonsdale Quay Market
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5 Ways to Practice Personal Wellness at the Market

5 Ways to Practice Personal Wellness at the Market

Now that the busy holiday season is over, it’s time to jump back into a routine and focus on your own personal health and wellness. Fortunately the Market is just the place to start your year off right! Here are the Top 5 ways to relax, recharge and enjoy some downtime this January at the Market.

1. Take a Staycation at Lonsdale Quay Hotel
Escape the post holiday blues and enjoy a night off from reality at the beautifully renovated Lonsdale Quay Hotel! With stunning views and a vast, delicious selection of food steps away, you’ve got everything you need to cozy up and relax for a weekend away.

2. Enjoy a Massage to Relieve Post-Holiday Stress
Spend an hour forgetting about your hectic work day and focusing on the amazing, rejuvenating massage that you are experiencing from Japan Shiatsu, or Foundation for Integrated Health. With two great vendors under one roof, you have double the relaxation options!


3. Visit the Relaxation Experts at Saje Natural Wellness
With over 25 years in the business of calming stress and producing the best natural remedies, the team at Saje can help you find an effective solution to any type of stress or health issue!

4. Grab a Healthy Lunch from the Market and Enjoy the View
Step away from your desk and take your break! We’ve got some fantastic and healthy fresh food choices in the Market, all of which make for great lunch options. Stop in and try something delicious, like a great salad from Waterfront Salad Garden, or a tasty poke bowl from our new vendor, Poke & Co. while you dine overlooking the beautiful downtown skyline view, rain or shine!


5. New Year, New Q
Get your blood pumping with the quick yet invigorating 77 step journey to the top of our Q-tower! Take a photo with the brand new Q sign, and tag #NewQView to potentially be featured on our social channels! Nothing like a bit of exercise and some exceptional views to keep you centered during a busy week!