Pianos on the Streets - Lonsdale Quay Market
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Pianos on the Streets

Pianos on the Streets

pianos-on-the-streetPianos on the Street is a summer initiative that was founded in 2009 by the Piano Teacher Confederation. The program places pianos throughout Metro Vancouver, that are accessible for the general public to play. The pianos have their own bright and cheerful design, each of them have been painted by a non-for-profit organization, representing the essence of creativity. Pianos on the Street runs from July to late September.

The program has been very successfully in encouraging music in public spaces. Many North Vancouver residents do not have the space to put a piano in their home, Pianos on the Street gives them an opportunity to share their love of music on an outdoor stage. Music is a marvelous tool to promote the sense of community within neighborhoods. Along with strengthening communities, playing a musical instrument is proven to reduce stress, increase productivity, creativity and confidence. This has been very evident with the piano at the Market.

Lonsdale Quay Market, has been a strong supporter of this musical experience since the program initially started. The piano at Lonsdale Quay Market often has a line up of local musicians waiting to play. Some musicians visit the Market on a daily basis to play the piano. People have really fallen in love with this community piano project.

Visit the events section of our website to find out more information about when the program starts and finishes. Every year the Market hosts an opening and closing ceremony for the community piano.